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3 Surprising Insights from Leadercast 2016

Living out our purpose, and leading in ways that help inspire and enlighten other people. This is, in part, the intention behind Leadercast Live – a one-day convergence of leaders, across the world – who come together to create an educational leadership experience. With a theme of “Architects of Tomorrow,” Leadercast 2016 was held in-person … Continue reading 3 Surprising Insights from Leadercast 2016

Infographic: Can You Be So Evil…That You’re Good?

READ MORE: “Social Responsibility & Stewardship“ Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc.  

Social Responsibility & Stewardship

The cover story in this month’s Inc magazine is entitled “Go Ahead and be Evil“ over the photo of Kevin O’Leary, aka ‘Mr. Wonderful’ on Shark Tank. The article comprises a healthy debate on whether or not a company should be philanthropic. Now, being an entrepreneur in continuous learning mode, this is a topic to … Continue reading Social Responsibility & Stewardship

Infographic: Are You a Fit for Small Giants?

READ MORE: “How to Adopt a Virtual Culture“ Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc.  

Boundaries in Business

According to the dictionary a boundary is a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. It is a limit of a subject or sphere of activity. Boundaries are all around us. One boundary in nature is the coastline that keeps the water from the land. Political boundary lines give nations autonomy. … Continue reading Boundaries in Business

Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

Do you have a dress code at work? Whether or not you do, see the blog written by Jim Mullaney, Edoc’s CEO, that raises the question: “Are the best artists in suits?” (See the post here.) Given all the responses already received, I compiled some of the top responses to the blog, again, where we … Continue reading Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

What is “Dressing for Success?”

In February, the Wall Street Journal posted an article entitled, “Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success” by Ray Smith. I spent my entire corporate career (23 years with Marriott) in suits. During those years I worked in the corporate accounting department and later in various hotels where suits were expected and in one hotel … Continue reading What is “Dressing for Success?”

Partner Spotlight with Cassady Schiller & Associates

As many of our blog readers know, at Edoc, we partner with our clients and our suppliers. In our latest series, we’re highlighting some of our partners, including the expertise they bring to the table. This week, we interviewed John Eberhart, Partner, Director of Accounting & Auditing at Cassady Schiller & Associates, our CPA firm. … Continue reading Partner Spotlight with Cassady Schiller & Associates

Surprises We Can Do Without

Most business owners and business leaders respect and appreciate their employees as the ones on the ground helping the company grow and making us look good. It is devastating therefore when a trusted member of the staff goes rogue and commits a fraud. What are some of the signs? Reports of casino spotting’s New car … Continue reading Surprises We Can Do Without

Edoc in the Community: Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn

From Oak Tree Communications: Jim Mullaney is a creative Christian businessman with a heart for ministry. He and an ecumenical board of Christian leaders based at the Lindenwald United Methodist Church in Fairfield are expanding their five-year-old kettle corn BIZNISTRY nationwide to benefit nonprofits and help shine the light of Christ in places where it … Continue reading Edoc in the Community: Amaizing Grace Kettle Corn


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