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Business Barbarians

Anyone care to do business in China? Let me begin this with a section from the October 2011 Inc. Magazine article, “Doing Business in China” by David H. Freedman. Mr. Freedman witnessed a huge deal between an American Citizen Chinese businessman and Chinese officials. Here is the quote from the article:

Empowering the Empowered

As long as we are on the topic of teams and as an entrepreneur I find myself a team leader on several fronts. There is my company team of managers, the local Ethical Business Committee I chair, plus preside over a non-profit corporation. Most if not all entrepreneurs want winning teams and seek the best … Continue reading Empowering the Empowered

Why Should I Read a Book By a Convicted Lobbyist?

“Capitol Punishment” by Jack Abramoff is a worthwhile read for all business owners for several reasons: We all have a tendency to believe we are straight and narrow in our day to day business dealings. But what happens when the real success hits? I mean once we have really hit the big time with money … Continue reading Why Should I Read a Book By a Convicted Lobbyist?

Is Proactivity Too Much To Ask?

It takes a village to make a business run smoothly and the key players in that village are all clamoring for our business. We need bankers, we need IT support, we need help with accounting and taxes and we need resources to grow and service our clients. The problem is that once the engagement with … Continue reading Is Proactivity Too Much To Ask?

The Truth and Business Optimism

Few people are more optimistic than I am. Entrepreneurs must be optimists or they will shut down before they really get started (could this be one reason so many businesses fail so soon after they start?). Yes we have to be optimistic but Entrepreneurs are also realists. In other words we cannot have our “heads … Continue reading The Truth and Business Optimism

Character and the Inc. 500

Growing a business is not about making money, it is about making a difference! Inc. Magazine is very inspiring to me as it makes for a great entrepreneurial education and at the same time demonstrates the character of the leaders in the most successful businesses. The Inc. Growco Conference held annually produces a gathering of … Continue reading Character and the Inc. 500

The Team Culture

Who needs HR? Why is it that 80% of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs (according to Deloitte’s Shift index survey)? Why are sales people not meeting their sales goals?   I would suggest that the answer to both questions points to the company culture.

Who is Watching Your Back? Pt I

Finances can rear an ugly head if not guarded Transitioning from the corporate world to that of the entrepreneur has been an eye-opener. Up to that point by trade and education my expertise was in accounting. These skills have been vital during the start-up years of the company yet I now realize how easy it … Continue reading Who is Watching Your Back? Pt I

Ten Components of a Healthy Company

I can’t imagine any business owner who is not on a quest for a healthy and stable company. This begs the question: What does a healthy company look like? Here are ten traits to measure against: 1.    Growing Business cannot stand still or move backward, we can agree on this fact but keep in mind … Continue reading Ten Components of a Healthy Company


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