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5 Secrets to Remote Work Success [Ebook]

More than 19 years ago when Edoc Service was started, people looked at our Founder/CEO with disbelief when he told them that Edoc was a 100 percent remote company. Fast-forward to today, and “working from home” is the latest trend. For us, it makes absolute sense. Workers today seek life balance, not just life at … Continue reading 5 Secrets to Remote Work Success [Ebook]

The Addiction to Mobile

Can we even remember what life was like before mobile technology? What a wonderful addition with instant access to information both studious and mindless; to games and voyeurism galore. I suspect most of us love the convenience and contact. However, although the Blackberry has moved on, the “Crack-berry” has not. This addiction may not result … Continue reading The Addiction to Mobile

2016 in Review: Our Favorite Articles on Remote Working

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: remote working is a better way to work (and live). In 2016, this was no different. As we end this year and look forward to 2017, we’ve compiled 10 of the top articles on remote working from the last year. Take a look and let … Continue reading 2016 in Review: Our Favorite Articles on Remote Working

The Rise of Remote Work: How Leaders Can Help Team Members Do Their Best

Josh Bersin, founder and principle at Bersin by Deloitte, recently wrote an article where he described the state of the modern workforce. “All teams and business units need managers — the role has always been to help align projects, decide who should work on what, set priorities, and of course assess people to see who is … Continue reading The Rise of Remote Work: How Leaders Can Help Team Members Do Their Best

Values, Company Culture & Cultivating Relationships

This post originally appeared on Afidence’s blog. Afidence: Why are your values so important and how do you cultivate your company culture? Benji Reaño Cuéllar: As a company we see partnerships as a fundamental part to building and growing our culture because it builds more than a customer-supplier dynamic, giving space to grow and improve … Continue reading Values, Company Culture & Cultivating Relationships

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Small Giants Cincinnati

Maybe you know just a bit about the Small Giants organization, an organization committed to developing values-driven business leaders. But what else should you know—especially when it comes to the Small Giants Community in Cincinnati? Here are 4 things you should know about #SGCincinnati. 1. This year brings a whole new, revamped Small Giants experience. … Continue reading 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Small Giants Cincinnati

The Virtual Culture Part V

The Fifth Essential: Service Partnering Doing business with a small town flair! The key objective for any company is to show a profit. A culture-driven company however, strives to make a difference in the lives of all their constituents in the course of this. In our company, we have no desire to serve simply as … Continue reading The Virtual Culture Part V

Take the Long View & Grow Your Business Slowly [INFOGRAPHIC]

Kim SykesREAD MORE: “Why Employees Are More Important Than Your Customers” Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc.

Advocate for Whom?

We often hear our local chambers of commerce and financial suppliers touting how eager they are to help us grow our business; music to the ears for struggling startups (as we once were). Suddenly a government agency that is in no way a friend of small business puts out strangling rules redefining overtime pay and … Continue reading Advocate for Whom?

The Virtual Culture Part IV

We all hear about how disengaged people are at work these days. So what does it take to change the productivity quadrant? There are 7 components to the “Value-Driven Autonomy” pillar so let’s dissect them: Staff Individual Improvement. Is your staff learning at work? This includes learning beyond how to do the job. Are they … Continue reading The Virtual Culture Part IV


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