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#SGCSummit2017: Growing With Purpose

Photo courtesy Small Giants & Rooney & Company This year’s Small Giants Summit, held in Detroit, Michigan, included two full days of learning and relationship-building with like-minded, purpose-driven business leaders from around the globe. There’s simply no way that one blog post could cover all the topics and insights we uncovered alongside one another: from Kirsten … Continue reading #SGCSummit2017: Growing With Purpose

The Unpopular World of Accounting Ethics Part II

Note to readers: Normally I really enjoy writing blog posts. This post and the one previously is an exception. These were painful to write but I believe necessary. You be the judge. As Controller of a Texas hotel, the corporate office seized upon us an efficiency program by a company I will keep nameless.  The … Continue reading The Unpopular World of Accounting Ethics Part II

Lessons in Sports, Life & Business

In Be Quick – But Don’t Hurry: Finding Success in the Teachings of a Lifetime, another book on Edoc’c reading list, author Andrew Hill details some of the top lessons he learned from one of (UCLA) basketball’s most well-known coaches, Coach John Wooden. Wooden’s philosophy can inform every entrepreneur on successful teamwork and self-discipline. Here … Continue reading Lessons in Sports, Life & Business

Lessons Learned From Our Friends at Small Giants Chicago (Part 2)

In part one, I highlighted some of the messages that resonated most during our trip to Chicago to meet up with other Small Giant community members. There were many more lessons learned, and too many to include in just two posts, but I’ll do my best. After we left Tasty Catering, we headed to Nick’s … Continue reading Lessons Learned From Our Friends at Small Giants Chicago (Part 2)

Lessons Learned From Our Friends at Small Giants Chicago (Part 1)

This past week, Small Giants Cincinnati took an action-packed trip to Chicago to connect with some of the Small Giants members who live and work there. So What is Small Giants? Small Giants is a group of like-minded leaders who support each other in their businesses, simply put. The name “Small Giants” comes from the … Continue reading Lessons Learned From Our Friends at Small Giants Chicago (Part 1)

The Unpopular World of Accounting Ethics – Part 1

One would think that ethical practices in accounting are easy to implement, or at least find acceptance. Greed too often prevails however and it may be harder than you think. During my college years (years ago) I was privileged to work for a large corporation in the Corporate Accounting Department. It is interesting to see … Continue reading The Unpopular World of Accounting Ethics – Part 1

#SmallGiantsCincinnati: Meet Other Likeminded Business Leaders in Our Region

See the PDF version of the infographic here. READ MORE: “Why Join the Small Giants Community?” Kim Sykes is a marketer at Edoc Service, Inc.

Taking Down the Corporate Walls

If you are in the business of factory, on-floor customer or high-intense service sweatshop, you can disregard this post. For the rest of us in the service sector, you know that times are changing and the walls should be taken down. Have the right culture? Consider this:  Drop the scheduled work week Forcing your associates … Continue reading Taking Down the Corporate Walls

5 Secrets to Remote Work Success [Ebook]

More than 19 years ago when Edoc Service was started, people looked at our Founder/CEO with disbelief when he told them that Edoc was a 100 percent remote company. Fast-forward to today, and “working from home” is the latest trend. For us, it makes absolute sense. Workers today seek life balance, not just life at … Continue reading 5 Secrets to Remote Work Success [Ebook]

The Addiction to Mobile

Can we even remember what life was like before mobile technology? What a wonderful addition with instant access to information both studious and mindless; to games and voyeurism galore. I suspect most of us love the convenience and contact. However, although the Blackberry has moved on, the “Crack-berry” has not. This addiction may not result … Continue reading The Addiction to Mobile


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