What I learned from my daughter about leadershipWhat I learned about leadership and teamwork from my daughter

I have a 16 year old daughter who has been dancing at the same dance studio since she was five. She joined the competition team at the age of six.

But this is not about the moms, it’s about the dancers. My daughter competes as a soloist and on a team. The leadership and teamwork skills they poses at a young age is quite impressive.

What I learned from my daughter about teamworkLeadership: there are girls who begin dancing at the age of three. They are super cute and very impressionable. They look up to the older girls and want to be just like them some day. They cannot wait to do a solo of their own. The older girls naturally go into the role of guiding, coaching and leading the younger girls without realizing they are doing so. They are looked up to and treated and act as role models. Young leaders.

Teamwork: It’s not always easy working together as a team. There are a lot of girls growing up, trying to find their own identity and they are very emotional. They don’t always get along, and yet they put all of the emotion aside because they know for three minutes they have to perform as one, in sync and with their own individual parts without any flaws. They come together as a team because they know first place is at stake.

So whether you are trying to make a big sale, launch a new product or service, or come in first place at a dance competition, we all have to be leaders and teammates at the same time. Learning it young makes you better equipped to do so as an adult.

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