Independent Contractor – Customer Success

We’re looking for someone to fill a Customer Success Assistant position at Edoc Service, Inc. Continue reading to see if you’d be a fit.  

About Edoc Service, Inc.

Edoc Service—a total remote company—offers tools to help other companies find greater productivity and collaboration. Founded in 1997, today our two largest divisions are Scriptus (transcription) and eSign (digital signatures).

You can also read more on our website here about our principles and you can see how we were named to the Forbes Small Giants 2020 List. (These are businesses are all privately owned and closely-held, and each winner uniquely exemplifies the six qualities of a Small Giant.)

As a values-driven company, our purpose is to transform the landscape of corporate America through innovative business services and authenticity. We encourage you to learn more about Edoc on our blog, too.

About the Customer Success/QA Position

This is a part-time, remote independent contractor position which is anticipated to be 10 hours of work per week. We are looking for someone based in North America.

You are someone who is savvy with software and in general, you’re passionate about technology and helping other people succeed with technology. People tend to come to you for software or technology help!

You are also:

  • Someone who has worked with software and/or SaaS products in some way in the past
  • Someone who enjoys the idea of creating and updated technical documentation, blogs, and/or tutorials (including videos!)
  • Someone who can wear many hats across customer support/customer success and QA
  • Someone with a high degree of self-accountability
  • Someone who can work a schedule that overlaps with eastern US support hours

You’ll become a master of our various software solutions (eSign, Digital Labor Law, Onboard). You will also:

  • Offer key technical support and troubleshooting support to clients  
  • Offer onboarding support for select new clients  
  • Help with QA testing of software to help minimize and/or eliminate bugs and other issues in a timely fashion
  • Act as a liaison between customers and developers, helping to improve the products based on your input
  • Become a trusted source of use case and product information
  • Proactively identify other areas where we can better partner with clients
  • Create and continually update Customer Success/technical materials to help clients use products successfully (including video to PDFs and more)
  • Help demonstrate product functionality to clients


  • Good communication skills: on the phone, via email, and through Slack
  • Experience working with and building relationships with clients
  • Experience updating technical materials or “how to” guides or similar
  • The desire to work in a customer support/customer success environment
  • Attention and care for detail
  • Experience working remotely (and you enjoy remote work)
  • The ability to be flexible and adapt to changing priorities
  • Driven and motivated to reply to customers and to get work done
  • Preferred: past experience in working with SaaS or software products

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