Developer/Software Engineer Role

We have an exciting opportunity for a self-motivated, proactive, experienced developer to work on projects for Edoc Service, Inc.

About Edoc Service, Inc.

Edoc Service—a total remote company—offers tools to help other companies find greater productivity and collaboration. Our two largest divisions are Scriptus (transcription) and eSign (digital signatures).

Our purpose: Edoc Service, Inc. is transforming the landscape of corporate America through innovative business services and authenticity. (We encourage you to learn more about Edoc at

Description of Developer/Software Engineer Role

We are looking for someone who is proficient and can show experience in Python programming. This is a developer who has 5+ years experience and proficiency with Django and Postgresql, at minimum. We’re looking for someone to work on a project for Edoc for 6 months, or longer.

Experience and what you will help with:

  • Basic server tasks – SSH in, pull down code, restarting our web servers
  • Laravel basics (PHP framework)
  • Django (the basics)
  • MySQL
  • Optional, and a plus: PostgreSQL experience
  • Some Linux / server experience (we use Ubuntu)
  • Understanding AWS and Digital Ocean
  • Source control with Git, branching, running Laravel locally 

A few other qualifications and details related to the project: 

  • You have demonstrable development experience
  • You have great problem solving skills and quality business judgement
  • You are willing to use Slack
  • You can encourage and support efficient code that is scalable
  • You know how to ask for help when needed; you don’t spin your wheels for days on end before reaching out for help
  • You are comfortable with giving regular, weekly updates on projects
  • You can be a cautious user of our company’s time and investments
  • You’re an effective note taker in meeting who can share notes after meetings and follow-up
  • You can work with other developers as a part of a team
  • Clear communicator: written and oral is critical in a remote work environment
  • Available for 5-30 hours of work per week—with the ability to be consistent so we can plan accordingly

If this sounds like you, email your resume to kim(at) before April 20, 2019.