This post originally appeared on Afidence’s blog.

Afidence: Why are your values so important and how do you cultivate your company culture?

Benji Reaño Cuéllar: As a company we see partnerships as a fundamental part to building and growing our culture because it builds more than a customer-supplier dynamic, giving space to grow and improve our operations and those of our partners.

Our values are important to build trust worthy relationships and partnerships that bring value to all the sides involved. This is only achieved when the components mentioned are willing to follow the steps necessary and put in the work in order to see the projects completed and thus grow as a company in every aspect possible.

Afidence: How do you engage employees and ensure that you help each employee succeed?

Benji Reaño Cuéllar: Our culture promotes creativity and innovation through a forward thinking remote workforce.

Understanding each employee’s strengths and weaknesses allows the teams to help each other succeed in their particular roles. This model requires high levels of engagement in order to maintain efficiency and productivity. Although the Edoc workforce is highly independent and self disciplined, we understand the importance of engaging each other as individuals and as a team. This engagement creates relationships that go beyond the workplace to ensure each member of the company is performing at their best.

guest-blog-from-afidenceAfidence: Your CEO, Jim Mullaney, said, “Success is not real unless it is accompanied by true character.” What does this say about Edoc Service?

Benji Reaño Cuéllar: Looking at our partnership-based model it is necessary to understand that for two sides to partner with each other it is necessary to have trust in each other. This brings us to the importance of having exemplary character as a company in order to achieve success. Our character as a company reflects the way we treat others and the lengths we are willing to go in order to help our partners succeed as well.

Afidence: How do your culture and values impact your interactions with clients and partners?

Benji Reaño Cuéllar: Our values and our culture go hand in hand with the way we conduct business with our partners. When we put values and culture before business, we ensure that the partners and customers we have receive the best we have to offer. Our CEO has embedded within the Edoc culture the significance of stewardship. The relationships with our partners are more than transactions to us and when seen this way they are taken care of with more pride and responsibility.

How does this work? Here is an example. We recently ran into a service delivery problem with a very significant client…As soon as we recognized the problem and began the necessary steps to get back on track we realized that the fix was going to take several weeks. We immediately visited with the client’s key representative and outlined the problem and steps we were taking as well as the necessitous timeline. The client not only acted with patience and grace, they became our cheerleaders during the repair process and applauded our efforts when we got back on track.

Afidence: How does Edoc Service differentiate itself from competitors and provide exceptional service to clients?

Benji Reaño Cuéllar: We identify with and share the importance of both trust and integrity. As mentioned previously these are two pillars that turn mere transactions into partnerships which has the advantage of having someone who not only trusts you with their business but also is willing to improve yours.

We differentiate ourselves from the rest by embedding in our interactions the importance of healthy business relationships (partnerships) and healthy business practices (transparency and trust). This has allowed us to provide exceptional services and our partners to have complete trust in us.

Benji Reaño Cuéllar is Business Associate at Edoc Service, Inc.