edoc service team has been virtual for 23 years

Edoc has been working virtually for more than 23 years. But this isn’t your typical remote work right now!

We know times are challenging. So far, our business has not been negatively impacted as other businesses have, thanks in part to how we’re a debt-free company and because of no current decline in customer volume. To date, we haven’t had to make some of the sacrifices other businesses have had to make in terms of reduced salaries or reduction of staff due to COVID-19.

We’re thankful for the opportunities we still have today, which we don’t take lightly. We’re also grateful that we can be a “model” to other companies in terms of remote work today.

At the same time, here is a glimpse at how things have changed, from my perspective:

1. We found focusing on our “hedgehog” could help other businesses

We haven’t charged for the service, but we have gotten “back to our roots” a bit during the past month and half. Specifically, we’ve been able to develop education and training on the design and deployment of virtual work.

We recognize so many organizations have been forced to start working remotely overnight. That’s a huge shift and a major stressor for people.

It seemed like a natural fit to try to help people who were looking to adapt to virtual work. (The execution of the educational series wasn’t without its flaws, but it was a great opportunity for our team.)

Those on-demand seminars are available as a part of At Work On Purpose’s Rapid Response system—a network of resources connecting those in need with those willing to provide help and resources.

The Rapid Response system’s focus areas include job displacement, abrupt transitions to virtual work, emotional discouragement on the job, unexpected childcare needs for working parents, emergency funding for small businesses and congregations, prayer support, and more. At Work On Purpose has longstanding relationships with these resources, and we’re glad to be a part of the nation-wide and global effort to help organizations and leaders right now. 

2. We’ve been surprised with our service, Digital Labor Law

With so many workers being virtual, we saw an almost overnight uptick in our Digital Labor Law platform. Even though we have functionality we still want to implement, we decided to embrace the demand.

It’s a reminder how sometimes this new world we’re working in doesn’t require perfection. Instead, the lesson is that it requires a digital-first mindset backed with adaptability and scalability. “Perfection” as we know it is, arguably, is not as important as it once was. I

3. We’re seeing this time as an opportunity to reflect

While all of this has been going on, the Edoc leadership team has been reading John Maxwell’s book, “The Leadership Handbook: 26 Critical Lessons Every Leader Needs”. In it, Maxwell talks about a number of ideas. One of the concepts is that what you reflect on is what you learn.

Maxwell argues that despite the successes, mistakes, or challenges we all face, not everyone will reflect on them, and therefore not everyone will grow and learn from them.

He argues that reflection is necessary so that we can bring meaning (and wisdom) to our losses and our wins. “Reflection turns experience into insight,” he says. “Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything.”

Simultaneously, in The New York Times, author, researcher and speaker Brené Brown shared her perspective on what many of us can gain in the experience we’re going through, no matter how you currently view it. “A crisis highlights all of our fault lines,” she said. “We can pretend that we have nothing to learn, or we can take this opportunity to own the truth and make a better future for ourselves and others.”

I bring up these two viewpoints for this reason: for many people, including myself, this time can be a gift, if we see it that way. This can be a time where we have an opportunity to reflect about our life, our purpose, and the impact our businesses can have.

It’s a time where hopefully many of us can work to re-calibrate (or fine-tune!) and adjust our lives, and adjust our businesses, for the better.

How Is Your Business Adapting or Helping Other Businesses?

I’ve been hearing so many stories of how businesses are adapting and helping communities and people, despite the challenges they may be facing. What does the current reality look like for your company? How, as a leader, are you being a role model in how you respond during a crisis? How are you adapting, but still bring your values to life? How are you helping employees or how are you making a difference in your community?

As you can see, I have lots of questions—and I’d love to hear from you. Email me at kim(at)edocservice.com.

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