Who needs HR?

Why is it that 80% of workers are dissatisfied with their jobs (according to Deloitte’s Shift index survey)?

Why are sales people not meeting their sales goals?

I would suggest that the answer to both questions points to the company culture.

The Sales Team, Really?
The sales problem is not necessarily a lack of individual sales skills. The sales culture is one of competitiveness, individualism, and “brow-beating”. Contrast this to a team culture with customer-service specialists all focused on three objectives:

  • Success for the customer
  • Success for the company
  • Success for the team including each individual on the team

Which type of organization do you want to belong to and which team should be doing the selling?

Safe Environment vs. Compliance
Nothing compares to a work environment that is safe, encourages autonomy with individual growth and winning teams throughout the organization. Contrast this to an HR-driven organization that is so focused on compliance issues that company leaders feel they have to “walk on eggs” generating staff anxiety; in other words, an “unsafe” work environment.

The Teams Prevail!
The team culture is one that promotes individual success, team success and company success. Staff issues are handled by the teams themselves. Each team member wants to be on a winning team and therefore seeks “winners” when additional members are needed. Under-performing members are shunned and ultimately ousted by the team itself.

Who needs HR? We don’t.

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