It is fairly common to hear business leaders speak about company teams. I wonder, however, if these teams are extant or is this just business-speak? Let’s examine the nature of a true team environment.

Edoc Service: The Team Company WinsCompany leaders talk about their “sales team.” My question is does it really meet the team test? A true team focuses on three wins:

  • A win for the team including success for each member on the team
  • A win for the client (isn’t this why we are here?)
  • A win for the company

Now can sales (team) individuals competing for commission sales honestly meet any of the deliverances above? You be the judge. Here is another question to consider. Where is the highest turnover, on the sales team or on the customer service team? Likely it is on the sales team. Shouldn’t the customer service people be selling as well as servicing? Just asking.

Here is another question regarding company teams: Are there silos creating uncrushable barriers? Are there a sales team, a marketing team, a customer service team, accounting team, and etc. all functioning as individual entities? A true team environment has few internal department divisions. Remember, adapting a virtual culture requires taking the internal walls down first. Also, moving workers into a virtual setting requires team remoting rather than individual remoting. Moving individuals off site, rather than crews isolates them from the company adding to unhappiness rather than work-life satisfaction. Team membership keeps staff connected and engaged.

Effective teams consist of self-managing professionals needing little control or day-to-day oversight. Concerned about the right people on the bus? These groups can select the best fit for the team and company because all team members want the finest. Low contributors will not survive in this culture as the team will not tolerate a sloth.

Take down the walls internally and externally; allow teams to propel the company!

Jim Mullaney

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Jim Mullaney is President and CEO of Edoc Service, Inc. a “Fast 55” virtual company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.