Our previous post on this topic pointed out the anxiety expressed by some of the 2020 Inc. 500 achievers. One of these recognized “high-growth” giants noted absolute torment (plus a near mental breakdown) from the experience when the company began to lag and as the Homefront crashed from a marriage breakup.

Reading the pain from this honest and vulnerable presenter provided a flash-back to a luncheon with a good friend some years back. We were discussing the status of my company and he wanted to know why it was growing and showing good success. I laughed mentioning that I was as surprised as anyone attributing the largest component to God. Continuing, I shared my introduction and walk with faith beginning 50 years ago. My friend, being an agnostic and skeptic (although very smart and with a good heart), suggested that success also occurs with non-believers. My response then was that I could only speak for myself and not others.

This month’s Inc. Magazine, for me, sheds new light on this topic. What is success? Isn’t peace and joy in starting and growing a successful business part of the equation? Is it possible to launch a company from an original idea and still avoid undue stress and anxiety?

Mental and physical health play a big part in our lives and business. Full disclosure here, I am not a health expert although I have good expertise in finance along with many years’ experience and study as a Christian believer.

So, here is my take from this life-long learning. There are three common components to our health and well-being:

  • Physical/Mental Health
  • Financial Health
  • Spiritual Health

Individuals often run into trouble with the focus solely on the top two. Spiritual Health is the anchor! When a genuine relationship exists with our Maker, stability comes in both life and business. It is not a magic pill, nor does it avoid difficulties and pitfalls. Spiritual health does, however, provide the means through life’s rough spots. With a look back over my 73 years I can clearly identify those times I was in sync with God and those times not. Amazing how that works.

Want to start a business, get an existing business on track, or even simply seek to enjoy the ride? Consider balancing all three common components noted above. It has made a tremendous difference in my life, and our 23-year start-up has just begun.

Jim Mullaney

Jim Mullaney

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Jim Mullaney is President and CEO of Edoc Service, Inc. a total remote company that helps other businesses with tools and services for greater productivity and collaboration.