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Automate and streamline the workflow of your company today with eSign.

Just click. eSign. Done.

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Legally Binding Built upon a secure and 4-level protection process that is legally compliant.

Maximum Efficiency Intuitive and easy signing that saves you time, allowing you to automate the process and have full oversight on the status of all your documents.

One-Stop Solution A robust, company-wide platform for sending, signing and storing all your documents.

About Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures allow you to approve and/or execute documents electronically.

Legally Compliant
eSign by Edoc meets regulatory and compliance standards, providing businesses with e-signatures that are as valid and legally binding as traditional, handwritten signatures.

Secure Document Signing & Storage
Eliminate the burden that comes with hard-copy signature approval and storage by using eSign by Edoc, a secure platform that complies with electronic document laws and regulations.

Why eSign?

At eSign by Edoc, we recognized the inefficiency in printing, scanning and signing hard copy documents which is why we developed eSign. We built the system to enable hundreds of thousands of documents per year to get easily signed and stored by our clients.

eSign by Edoc is built upon a 4-level protection process for authenticity:

Email Association

Password Protection

32 Digit Computer Generated Attestation for Authenticity

Login (easy access for all signers)

Set automatic or manual reminders to recipients
to make sure they approve and sign documents

Bulk Signing
Quickly approve and bulk sign multiple requested signatures with just a click.

Securely Sign Anywhere, Anytime
Sign and monitor the status of your documents through any mobile device.

Reliable, Frictionless Document Signing

eSign by Edoc’s benefits include

EfficientUser-friendly for sender and signer Quick and easy Ability to automate process Lower cost than traditional signing and storage

Worry-FreeLegally binding Maximum confidentiality HIPAA and HITECH-compliant Secure process—from start to finish

One-StopBetter documentation and storage for all your vital documents Quickly and easily see the status of all documents Multiple signers, with the ability to send from one place, at one time

“We are raising the standard for electronic signatures. I’m proud to say we’ve succeeded in creating more than just a legally binding and compliant e-signature platform. Through eSign, we’ve enabled business professionals to have peace of mind approving, signing and managing all their documents.”

Jim Mullaney
Edoc Founder & CEO

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