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Edoc’s 2018 Year in Review

We’ve had a busy, exciting 2018. Here’s 5 things we’re celebrating as we look back at the last year… and as we plan for the future!

1. We’re pushing to innovate with our Scriptus division

This year we prioritized innovating and finding efficiencies for our transcription technology – called Scriptus. Not only that, but we continued to deliver high quality closed captioning for clients. We’re excited about more things to announce with our audio to text platform in 2019.

2. We continued to let people do their best work…from anywhere!

We’re proud and still passionate about being able to work how we work best…and part of that means being able to work from anywhere!

That means challenging the status quo – that is, the scheduled, forced work week and daily commute to work. Instead, we expect results and productivity and we provide freedom balanced with responsibility and accountability. Translation: all our staff continued to work remotely in 2018.

3. eSign grew its user base

With key architecture improvements, our eSIgn division continues to grow. We’re happy to see more and more industries – now including schools – become more productive by using eSign by Edoc. In fact—we’ve now had nearly 1.8 million eSignatures to date!

A few of the things you can now do with eSign include:

  • in-person digital signatures (not just remote e-signatures!)
  • you can drag and drop signatures, text, initials, dates, numbers and even checkboxes onto any document, meaning you can now truly digitize all your documents
  • connect and integrate with the other technology you use
  • create and re-use templates – privately or across your business

4. We launched our Onboard platform

With team members across the nation, we saw just how cumbersome and unnecessarily difficult onboarding paperwork can be. We developed a simple platform to make new worker paperwork easier than ever.

With Onboard, all your new hire forms are now digitized, for both independent contractors and employees. It’s designed to give you just what you need and to keep things organized and simple so you have one less thing to worry about when you hire a new team member.

We’re looking forward to continuing to roll Onboard out to businesses and payroll companies across the US.

5. We celebrated 21 years in business

Last but not least – This year marked our 21st year in business. We want to thank YOU for being a part of the decades-long Edoc journey. Without you, we know we wouldn’t be here!

As time continues, more and more we’re focused on technology. Here’s to another healthy year, with a dynamic company culture – and with lots of learning and lots of improvements along the way.

Kim SykesREAD MORE: “Who Uses eSign by Edoc?”

Kim Sykes is a marketer at Edoc Service, Inc.

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