Winning with the Team

The Third Essential: Winning with the Team

So how do we remote workers without disconnecting them from the company? The answer to that is remoting in teams, not individuals. In the two previous posts in this series the statement, “Internal walls have to come down first” applies here. The team environment best starts internally before remoting, not after. Remote team members stay connected among themselves consistently via chat rooms or whatever communication tools are decided by the company and stay connected to the mother ship regularly. The chat speak among team members does not always have to be business oriented. The “water cooler” discussions in lighter tone happen as well.

Remote teams function exactly the same as onboard teams with a focus on the “wins”. Consider these three:

  • A win for the team with success for each member on the team
  • A win for the client, serving with excellence
  • A win for the company

Is the sales team a true team aligned with the company culture?

If they follow the formula above they are. Too many so-called “sales teams” are more of an oxymoron fighting for commissions and competing against one another. Consider combining sales and customer service into a single team.

A true team environment exists without department silos.

This clarified organization has few internal department divisions. Individual teams are all part of the overall company team.

What about recruiting?

Effective teams consist of self-managing professionals needing little control or day-to-day oversight. These groups are in the best position to select the best fit for the team and company because all the team members want the finest. Nepotism does not trump this process and low contributors will not survive in this culture as the team will not tolerate a sloth.

When company walls are taken down internally and externally, the teams win for all constituents!

Jim Mullaney

Jim Mullaney

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Jim Mullaney is President and CEO of Edoc Service, Inc. a “Fast 55” virtual company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.