celebrating 25 years in business

Edoc Service is proud to celebrate 25 years in business.

As many of our readers know, Edoc Service was founded by CEO/President Jim Mullaney in 1997 as a work-from-home administrative support services firm.

Jim founded the company based on the idea that team members could do meaningful and productive work remotely, instead of having to come into the office each day. This idea was born in a time where “working from home”, or “WFH”, vernacular didn’t yet exist.

“Edoc’s purpose, both then and now, is to transform corporate America through innovative business services and authenticity,” said Jim.

“Although our services have evolved over the years, 25 years later, we have the same purpose and strong core values, and employees have the same flexibility and freedom to work and live from any location.”

Edoc Service is a 24/7, always-on business, offering tools and services to help other companies be more productive and work more virtually. Today, Edoc Service’s largest two divisions are Scriptus, a transcription platform, and eSign, a cloud-based tool for digital signing and for digitizing paperwork, including onboarding paperwork. The company recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with a dinner that included past and current employees, partners, clients, and other key stakeholders and company advocates.

During the celebration, the Mayor of the City of Fairfield, Steve Miller, presented Mullaney and Edoc Service with a City Proclamation recognizing the company’s contributions to Fairfield. “Edoc Service values community service and involvement and encourages their staff to participate in their communities in ways that are meaningful to them,” said Mayor Miller.

Mayor Miller then proclaimed September 10, 2021 as “Edoc Service, Inc. Day” in Fairfield. “On behalf of the residents of this community, I thank Edoc and its employees for their contributions to our city,” he said.  

During a speech to attendees at the celebration, Jim thanked Edoc Service’s community of supporters which have helped drive the company’s success: “This celebration is for all of us here, not just Edoc Service,” he said. “No company launches and succeeds in a vacuum. It takes a community of constituents, and I am very proud to be here with all of you who have helped us every step of the way.”

Jim specifically acknowledged staff and their families (including past staff in attendance), dedicated suppliers, loyal clients, and emotional supporters, encouragers, coaches, and consultants.

Reflecting on the company’s 25-year history—including stories of setbacks that were overcome along the way—Jim also shared his initial mantra when launching the company: Success is not real unless accompanied by true character. “I hope you all believe I have lived up to that. A key learning over the years is also this,” he shared: “It is better to operate a business as a business steward, rather than as a business owner.”