Builders and Flippers

If anything was learned from leading a class on entrepreneurship last year it is that business ownership is a complex endeavor. One size does not fit all! Business owners have different styles, dreams, motives and drivers. Some are more “principled” than others. This post is focused on two approaches: Builders and Flippers. At the risk … Continue reading Builders and Flippers

Face the Music

I have a friend who is a musician and (like myself) has struggled in the work world. Thus it occurred to me that opportunities today are comparable to the music realm. You see, musicians are in a unique position of being able to create music, perform music, or simply listen to music. In business only … Continue reading Face the Music

King of the Road

  Would you have thought you could learn business lessons from riding a motorcycle? As an attendee to the Inc. Magazine Leadership Conference in San Diego this past week I was invited to participate in a motorcycle ride with other CEO’s at the conference. Who could pass that up? The fact that I have not … Continue reading King of the Road

Disturbing Scenarios

  I attended another legal seminar yesterday entitled, “Employment Law Update” outlining all the pitfalls of Human Resource (mis)Management and the potential cost to an employer for not covering his/her legal bases properly. Here are just a few of the risks presented:

What Kind of Business are you Running?

            Most business owners would say they are running a principled business in an honorable way. The question is, are we? According to Ken Eldred in his book, “God is at Work”, consider three categories of morality with regard to business classification: Moral  (defined as conforming to a standard of right behavior Amoral (being … Continue reading What Kind of Business are you Running?


Has Leadership today changed?

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