Celebrating 25 Years of Business

Edoc Service is proud to celebrate 25 years in business. As many of our readers know, Edoc Service was founded by CEO/President Jim Mullaney in 1997 as a work-from-home administrative support services firm. Jim founded the company based on the idea that team members could do meaningful and productive work remotely, instead of having to … Continue reading Celebrating 25 Years of Business

Is it Worth It? Part II – Health Issues of Start-Up Company

See the 3 common components to our health and well-being.

Is It Worth It?

You can have joy and satisfaction of operating a profitable business where we all succeed—and we enjoy life as well as a career.

Are You Chained to Your Work? And Other Thought-Provoking Questions the Small Giants Summit Left Me Asking

Thought provoking questions raised by Jason Fried at the Small Giants Summit.

To My Fellow Late Bloomers: It’s an Oyster World!

Steve Forbes wrote a commentary in the April 2019 Forbes Magazine promoting the book, “Late Bloomers” by (Forbes Publisher and late bloomer) author, Rich Karlgaard. As a Late Bloomer myself (I graduated from college at 29 and started my company at age 50), the subject looked intriguing. The book motivated me to offer it to … Continue reading To My Fellow Late Bloomers: It’s an Oyster World!

Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold

The March/April edition of Inc. Magazine has an article about John Zimmer, Co-Founder and President of Lyft. In this article, John talked about a key investor who advised them to shut down early in the launch, when it appeared that Uber was growing too rapidly to catch. A similar scenario hit Edoc during our early … Continue reading Knowing When to Hold and When to Fold

Edoc’s 2018 Year in Review

We’ve had a busy, exciting 2018. Here’s 5 things we’re celebrating as we look back at the last year… and as we plan for the future! 1. We’re pushing to innovate with our Scriptus division This year we prioritized innovating and finding efficiencies for our transcription technology – called Scriptus. Not only that, but we … Continue reading Edoc’s 2018 Year in Review

The Wind Beneath the Wings

An intriguing article caught my eye in the December Forbes entitled “The Macallan 30, Stories of Gratitude from Exceptional Business Leaders.” Here are a few examples from the article: Grant Pinkerton, Owner of Pinkerton’s Barbecue is grateful for Sarah who helped him launch the business in spite of working full time elsewhere. Diana Rau, Co-founder of Veterati … Continue reading The Wind Beneath the Wings

Inspiration for Paying It Forward: Lessons from Alpha Coffee

Last month I had the opportunity to visit Chris Abel, an Edoc associate who lives in Salt Lake City Utah. While there, we held a meeting at Alpha Coffee, a veteran and military-spouse co-owned and operated coffee company. In doing so, I saw firsthand how Alpha Coffee is an example of a values-driven company that … Continue reading Inspiration for Paying It Forward: Lessons from Alpha Coffee

How to Lead & Grow a New Generation of Entrepreneurs In Your Business

In 1984, Tom Walter founded Tasty Catering, a catering and event planning company in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, with his brothers Kevin and Larry. For years, Tom says he and his partners had a command-and-control leadership style. About 12 years ago, all of that changed. One day, two of Tom’s employees—who were in their 20s … Continue reading How to Lead & Grow a New Generation of Entrepreneurs In Your Business


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