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What Are Digital Labor Law Posters? (VIDEO)

What are Edoc’s Digital Labor Law posters? And why was the digital labor law poster subscription service created? Watch this video to find out! Then learn more at digitallaborlaw.com. READ MORE: See Edoc’s Recap of Last Year Kim Sykes is a marketer at Edoc Service, Inc.

A Trip to Washington

When it comes to politics, most of us have little stomach for being in the fray. Having said that, as a small business owner, sitting on the fence risks being choked out of business by overwhelming government mandates. Small Business owners get “perked-up” attention with elected officials (yes, they sometimes see us as walking check … Continue reading A Trip to Washington

INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Should be Using Edoc’s Digital Labor Law Posters

Why should you be using Edoc’s Digital Labor Law Posters? Here are just a few reasons. Kim Sykes See the PDF version of this here. READ MORE: Visit the Digital Labor Law Posters Website Kim Sykes is a marketer at Edoc Service, Inc.

Advocate for Whom?

We often hear our local chambers of commerce and financial suppliers touting how eager they are to help us grow our business; music to the ears for struggling startups (as we once were). Suddenly a government agency that is in no way a friend of small business puts out strangling rules redefining overtime pay and … Continue reading Advocate for Whom?

Business Startup of Politics

Two back-to-back events this year have enhanced some business energy toward our goal. The first was the Small Giants Summit in Denver encouraging us to no longer apologize for being a 20-year startup because Small Giants demonstrate that culture matters. The next was the NFIB Washington Fly-in where business owners interacted face-to-face with actual legislators. … Continue reading Business Startup of Politics

The Battle of Disruption

The drive for status quo shakeup gets me out of bed each morning. It is what emboldened the start of Edoc Service 18 years ago. 23 Years in corporate America shaped my attitude of disfavor of the norms in business. Other than a few outside-the-box thinkers, the idea in 1997 of launching a 100 percent … Continue reading The Battle of Disruption

A Powerful Voice – Use It or Lose It

The front page of this week’s Kiplinger Letter focuses on the Russian economy falling into a deep recession: The root cause (low oil prices), the effect on Europe, western energy producers, high-tech companies, online retailers, and the U.S. space industry. The bottom line Kiplinger message is that although our relations with Russia will continue to … Continue reading A Powerful Voice – Use It or Lose It

Infographic: What Does the Future of Entrepreneurship Look Like?

For more on how we can better engage with government, check out the Bolder Business Luncheon brought to you by Edoc. READ MORE: If you liked this post, you might like “Should Entrepreneurs Engage With Government?“ Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service, Inc., a total virtual company  


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