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Guest Feature: Blessing or Curse? Working With a Remote Workforce

This article originally appeared on The Thought Board. Blessing or curse—you could ask that question of pretty much anything these days, and having team members work remotely is no different. Freedom and flexibility—what could go wrong? Allowing folks to work remotely gives them freedom and flexibility.  Want to move to another state? Go ahead! Want … Continue reading Guest Feature: Blessing or Curse? Working With a Remote Workforce

Infographic: Are You a Fit for Small Giants?

READ MORE: “How to Adopt a Virtual Culture“ Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc.  

Boundaries in Business

According to the dictionary a boundary is a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. It is a limit of a subject or sphere of activity. Boundaries are all around us. One boundary in nature is the coastline that keeps the water from the land. Political boundary lines give nations autonomy. … Continue reading Boundaries in Business

Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

Do you have a dress code at work? Whether or not you do, see the blog written by Jim Mullaney, Edoc’s CEO, that raises the question: “Are the best artists in suits?” (See the post here.) Given all the responses already received, I compiled some of the top responses to the blog, again, where we … Continue reading Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

The 2 Surprising Things I’ve Learned Working for a Purpose-Driven Company

Very much like my Millennial peers, it’s important for me to work for a company that is making a positive impact on the world. And, much like many other people today—regardless of age or generation—I value working for company that is purpose-driven. Our Small Giants fishbowl this week reminded me of one of the first … Continue reading The 2 Surprising Things I’ve Learned Working for a Purpose-Driven Company

Sales Call Angst

It’s happened again! Another salesperson called, a call I expected as he was referred by another business associate of mine. After he introduced himself he asked me what our company did!!! I asked if he looked at our website and he said no. Here he is, a “sales professional,” 30 years in position who doesn’t … Continue reading Sales Call Angst

Taking the High Road

It is heartbreaking and sometimes catastrophic when a small business owner experiences internal fraud and/or betrayal by employees. It is not always possible to prevent internal theft or employees going rogue if they are on that penchant path. It is possible, however, to limit the damage with the right company platform and reasonable controls. Now … Continue reading Taking the High Road

The Battle of Disruption

The drive for status quo shakeup gets me out of bed each morning. It is what emboldened the start of Edoc Service 18 years ago. 23 Years in corporate America shaped my attitude of disfavor of the norms in business. Other than a few outside-the-box thinkers, the idea in 1997 of launching a 100 percent … Continue reading The Battle of Disruption

Virtual Teams: The Cost Savings

READ MORE: It takes a (Remote) Village  Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc, a total virtual company

How to Adopt a Virtual Culture

Get Edoc’s Latest Digital Download: Adopting a Virtual Culture for Growth Download this special report to learn: what forward thinking leadership means for a more flexible work environment the shift in culture that must take place as you move to a more virtual work environment how to balance creativity, flexibility & productivity as a virtual worker … Continue reading How to Adopt a Virtual Culture


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