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VIDEO: How We’re Transforming the Landscape of Corporate America

It’s no secret that, today, digital technology continues to evolve. This new wave is all about innovation…and scale. That means for us, as a remote company, our focus is on disruption and on technology that can scale. That’s no easy feat, but we think we’re in a position where we’re agile and have the right … Continue reading VIDEO: How We’re Transforming the Landscape of Corporate America

Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

Do you have a dress code at work? Whether or not you do, see the blog written by Jim Mullaney, Edoc’s CEO, that raises the question: “Are the best artists in suits?” (See the post here.) Given all the responses already received, I compiled some of the top responses to the blog, again, where we … Continue reading Your Responses: On “Dressing for Success”

What is “Dressing for Success?”

In February, the Wall Street Journal posted an article entitled, “Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success” by Ray Smith. I spent my entire corporate career (23 years with Marriott) in suits. During those years I worked in the corporate accounting department and later in various hotels where suits were expected and in one hotel … Continue reading What is “Dressing for Success?”

Sales Call Angst

It’s happened again! Another salesperson called, a call I expected as he was referred by another business associate of mine. After he introduced himself he asked me what our company did!!! I asked if he looked at our website and he said no. Here he is, a “sales professional,” 30 years in position who doesn’t … Continue reading Sales Call Angst

The “Team” Company Wins

It is fairly common to hear business leaders speak about company teams. I wonder, however, if these teams are extant or is this just business-speak? Let’s examine the nature of a true team environment. Company leaders talk about their “sales team.” My question is does it really meet the team test? A true team focuses on … Continue reading The “Team” Company Wins

Shaping Socially Good Conduct

In the ‘90s, it was “Don’t Trash the ‘Nati.” A socially-driven environmental campaign for the same cause is back, this time with the headline “Don’t Trash My ‘Nati.” The campaign for beautification, recycling, litter prevention, and community pride is meant to educate and change behaviors of those in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Last week at … Continue reading Shaping Socially Good Conduct

Building Brands: Words Matter

Just because we can quickly Tweet or blog today, doesn’t mean that we should be less careful or less strategic about how we share our value. In 1999, Google did not have the worldwide brand recognition that it has today. “Google Search Engine” was the name it went by, and the explanation of its name on the … Continue reading Building Brands: Words Matter

The Secret to Building Trust with Clients & Distributed Teams

Neil Blumenthal and his friends found that the experience of purchasing sunglasses and eyeglasses was not a great one: it was tedious, lacking transparency and it was expensive. Plus, the choices were often bland. Like other entrepreneurs, when he saw a problem, Blumenthal provided a solution, and the idea of the e-commerce eyewear brand Warby … Continue reading The Secret to Building Trust with Clients & Distributed Teams

3 Marketing Definitions Every Person Should Know

Even if you don’t see yourself as a marketer, savvy leaders and workers should recognize the value in having a common language and the ability to look for questions to gather clues about context in any business situation. Just like we seek to find context of a company for technology-related solutions we offer, as marketers, … Continue reading 3 Marketing Definitions Every Person Should Know

5 Ways to Build Your Brand Authentically

Authentic marketing is arguably the only kind of marketing that can be effective at attracting and retaining customers in the long run. In part one, we looked at how important stories are for us as we relate to one another, but also as we go to make purchasing decisions. The importance of storytelling is clear, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Build Your Brand Authentically


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