More than 30 million lines transcribed at 99 percent accuracy…

That kind of accuracy rate for transcription is almost unheard of, but it’s true of our Edoc Scribe division.

Last week I had the privilege of speaking to Edoc’s transcriptionists about our industry-leading transcription services.

Here are two things you didn’t know about the Edoc Scribe team—in their own words.

1. The Edoc Scribe team’s work is backed by experience…and lots of it. 

“Part of the reason for our accuracy rate being as high as it is—probably number one, is the years of experience on the team. But on the other hand, we have great leadership—Martha [a QA Manager,] and the QA team keep us informed and up to date.

If the guidelines change, or anything we need to be aware of changes, we have everything on hand we need to be successful. Their efforts, combined with our past experience, makes for a good, effective, and accurate team.” – Kathy Lindsey

“People might not know about our team’s cumulative years of experience. Most of us are coming in to the career…from years of hospital work or other transcription work, so when you add up our cumulative experience, from all those aspects of transcription, that’s a pretty good pool you have there!” – Rosemary Cinquanti 

2. Edoc Scribe’s high accuracy rate is thanks to its team-based support system. 

“We have strict proofreading and quality review side of the business that helps ensure, and keeps everybody on the same page…We make sure we are experts in our field. It’s not just something where we are typing on a production line, we really care about the work we are producing and want it to be correct, and professional format-wise as well which is very important.” – Kathy Jones

“We have such a great support system at Edoc. I have been doing this for 20 years, and I still don’t know it all. Things keep changing, and there is change over time. The level of expertise in management helps all the MTs to be as good as they are. And having a support system like we do, and QA that can help us figure it out when we don’t know, is what sets us apart.” – Delores Thompson

“We [the team] are all aware of what we are all doing at any time, and we’re able to work together in terms of getting that information out to everyone. All the MTs, and especially with the QA, we all work together. We are working together, and we aim to stay on the same page, which is important.

We are always volunteering information to each other …the MTs are really good at disseminating that information out to [our managers] or the QA team, and we are close-knit and we can really delve into a specialty together.” – Kathy Jones

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