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Advocate for Whom?

We often hear our local chambers of commerce and financial suppliers touting how eager they are to help us grow our business; music to the ears for struggling startups (as we once were). Suddenly a government agency that is in no way a friend of small business puts out strangling rules redefining overtime pay and a change of demeanor occurs. Our alleged advocates begin preaching on what is needed for “goosestep” compliance.

advocate for whomEach time I receive one of the “instructive” communiques I have to ask, who do you represent? Is it your constituents who are paying for your existence, or is it the government that cares less about us? Or is it the regulatory agencies focused only on social engineering and economic manipulation?

Message to chamber: Instead of studying the regs to showcase your expertise and lecturing us toward compliance, fight for us dammit!

Business owners have a voice. Elected officials perk up when they learn they are speaking with an entrepreneur. Our chambers and financial suppliers are in a perfect position for a collective voice to help their constituents and economy in a real way by creating jobs and profitability for small business. Quit spending time with the big-box lobbyists and government bureaucrats, focus on the real ground-breakers. Or, at least be honest and admit to being an advocate for the politicians.

Jim MullaneyJim Mullaney

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Jim Mullaney is President and CEO of Edoc Service, Inc. a “Fast 55” virtual company based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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