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2016 in Review: Our Favorite Articles on Remote Working

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: remote working is a better way to work (and live). In 2016, this was no different.

As we end this year and look forward to 2017, we’ve compiled 10 of the top articles on remote working from the last year. Take a look and let us know if we missed any articles or blogs that should be on the list.

1. Building A Great Culture With Remote Teams

how-to-build-remote-teamsPaul Spiegelman, who regularly writes about entrepreneurs and culture, sat down with Edoc CEO Jim Mullaney to talk about best practices in cultivating a remote workforce.

“Edoc has identified five pillars for the successful virtual company:  a forward-thinking leader, purpose and principles, a team environment, value-driven autonomy, and service partnerships,” writes Spiegelman in the Forbes feature. Read it here >>>

2. 13 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Teams From Successful Remote Companies

The Chargify blog acknowledges how so many business people ask the same question when hearing about a 100% remote team: ““But, how to do you know people are working?” This blog breaks down how the answer is, in part about trust and communication. Then the blog breaks down the top tips on how to manage remote teams from other virtual companies. Read it here >>>

3. Boundaries in Business

One of the key factors in operating and running a remote company is creating clear expectations and roles. Edoc Office Manager, Shelley Russell, shares some of the top tips to keep in mind about boundaries—and how they can help cultivate an efficient and effective team. Read it here >>>

4. Blessing or Curse? Working With a Remote Workforce

“Allowing folks to work remotely gives them freedom and flexibility.  Want to move to another state? Go ahead! Want to go up to your lake house for a month in the summer and take advantage of long and gorgeous summer days? By all means, go for it! Have another job or want to be a professional athlete and still work for us? Have at it!”

This blog not only mentions the positive side of remote work, but entrepreneur Erin Walter also talks about how to overcome some of the most common issues that can crop up with remote teams. Read it here >>>

5. Manage a Remote Workforce? Here’s How To Do it Right

Author Laura Shin writes how regular work-at-home arrangements among the non-self-employed have doubled since 2005. ““Not only can you attract a more experienced workforce, but you have higher employee engagement than a traditional bricks and mortar facility, which can translate into better performance,” says the Forbes article. Read it here >>>

6. The Virtual Culture Part III

“Credible growing companies are driven by a purpose for existence bigger than themselves. This purpose inspires the company team from top to bottom to ‘hit the ground running’ doing their very best every day,” says Edoc Service CEO Jim Mullaney in this post. This article covers the third essential of all high-performing remote teams: winning with the team. Read it here >>>

remote-working-best-practies7. 3 Tips for Coaching Team, Remotely

Buffer is a team of more than 80 people spread across 11 different time zones. “At Buffer, everyone gets to work from the place they feel the most comfortable in.” In this post, they offer up tips and advice for how you can be sure to ensure coaching happens with all their team members. Read it here >>>

8. The Virtual Culture Part IV

Part of the foundation of a successful remote company is employees who have value-driven autonomy with their work. This post explores why open financials to minimal compliance to a learning emphasis is also key to an engaged (remote) workforce. Read it here >>>

9. Why Employees Are More Important Than Your Customers

It’s true for any company, not just remote teams: See this infographic on why your employees are more important than your customers. (Yes, you read that right.)  See it here >>>

10. The Rise of Remote Work

In this article summarizing Josh Bersin’s report, it becomes clear that “remote work is our new reality.” Now more than ever, it’s a leader’s job to help employees work their best within their remote teams. Read it here >>>.

Kim Sykes
Kim Sykes

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Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc.

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