October 2015

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READ MORE: “The Battle of Disruption” Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service Inc, a total virtual company

Sales Call Angst

It’s happened again! Another salesperson called, a call I expected as he was referred by another business associate of mine. After he introduced himself he asked me what our company did!!! I asked if he looked at our website and he said no. Here he is, a “sales professional,” 30 years in position who doesn’t … Continue reading Sales Call Angst

Are You a Small Giant Entrepreneur?

Are you building your company to last forever rather than to flip and sell?  Do you value your staff for helping build your company?  Are you driven by passion for purpose and principles ahead of cash profits? Are you motivated toward partnering with clients and providing service excellence?  Do you insist on the same from … Continue reading Are You a Small Giant Entrepreneur?


Has Leadership today changed?

For companies with leaders who want their organizations to better compete and drive ongoing business results, it's time to look at the emerging reality of the business world..


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