October 2014

Through the Eyes of a Dancer

What I learned about leadership and teamwork from my daughter I have a 16 year old daughter who has been dancing at the same dance studio since she was five. She joined the competition team at the age of six. But this is not about the moms, it’s about the dancers. My daughter competes as … Continue reading Through the Eyes of a Dancer

Learnings from the 2014 Inc. 500

As an established business owner I continue to be inspired by the “younger set” of entrepreneurs and rapid growth companies. The annual Inc. 500 is a good way to spot trends for success. I like to see how our company lines up and this year reveals a number of parallels. Many of the new ‘launchers’ … Continue reading Learnings from the 2014 Inc. 500

An Edoc Infographic: The Art of Growing Fast

Have an idea for an infographic? Email me at [my first name] @edocservice.com. Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service, Inc., a total virtual company. 

What Lullabot’s CEO Taught Me About Distributed Teams

Lullabot is an interactive strategy, design and development company that creates delightful experiences using Drupal and open source technologies. Besides being one of the world’s leading Drupal development and training companies, they also are a virtual company. Having grown the company to more than 50 employees spread across 6 countries, CEO and Co-founder Jeff Robbins … Continue reading What Lullabot’s CEO Taught Me About Distributed Teams

Is Richard Branson Reading Edoc’s Blog?

Could Richard Branson be reading our blog? Richard Branson made headlines when he announced (via his blog) Virgin’s new “non policy” of no longer tracking workers’ vacation. Edoc also has a non-policy when it comes to keeping track of vacation time. The benefits of allowing self-managing team members to use discretion so that they can … Continue reading Is Richard Branson Reading Edoc’s Blog?


Has Leadership today changed?

For companies with leaders who want their organizations to better compete and drive ongoing business results, it's time to look at the emerging reality of the business world..


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