August 2014

The “Team” Company Wins

It is fairly common to hear business leaders speak about company teams. I wonder, however, if these teams are extant or is this just business-speak? Let’s examine the nature of a true team environment. Company leaders talk about their “sales team.” My question is does it really meet the team test? A true team focuses on … Continue reading The “Team” Company Wins

Time to Tear Down the Mission Statement Wall

How many of the mission and vision statements are still posted on walls? Next, the truth please, how many staff can recite it without reading it aloud? Mission and vision statements were a great trend and did in fact help with focus and strategy for a company. I would suggest however that it is not … Continue reading Time to Tear Down the Mission Statement Wall

Is a Flexible Workforce Setup a Better Way to Work?

Kim Sykes is a marketer and content creator at Edoc Service, Inc., a total virtual company.  

How to Create an Innovative Culture

When teams begin to work virtually, there’s a powerful culture shift that takes place. One of the easiest things that can be overlooked when moving to a more flexible setup is the process of taking creative inventory. With the luxury (and flexibility) of working remotely, it’s essential to ensure employees know their best work/life routine. … Continue reading How to Create an Innovative Culture

Why Sustainable Business Growth Starts with Culture

17 years ago when Edoc Service was started, people looked at me strange with the description of a company made up solely with at home or remote workers. Now ‘telecommuting’ is the latest trend. It makes absolute sense. Workers today seek life balance, not just life at work! Most companies are starting to experiment with … Continue reading Why Sustainable Business Growth Starts with Culture


Has Leadership today changed?

For companies with leaders who want their organizations to better compete and drive ongoing business results, it's time to look at the emerging reality of the business world..


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