May 2014

Shaping Socially Good Conduct

In the ‘90s, it was “Don’t Trash the ‘Nati.” A socially-driven environmental campaign for the same cause is back, this time with the headline “Don’t Trash My ‘Nati.” The campaign for beautification, recycling, litter prevention, and community pride is meant to educate and change behaviors of those in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Last week at … Continue reading Shaping Socially Good Conduct

What Does an Edoc Virtual Office Look Like?

We like to celebrate our culture, and last week was no exception. May 18-24, 2014 marked Medical Transcriptionist Week, and since Edoc Service has been 100 percent virtual since the start, we wanted to show just what it looks like working virtually. We also wanted to show our thanks and appreciation to all our MTs, so we … Continue reading What Does an Edoc Virtual Office Look Like?

The 2 Most Important Lessons from GrowCo14

The GrowCo 2014 conference, held in Nashville, Tennessee, started off with an appropriately bold assignment coming from Inc Magazine’s Eric Schurenberg: “You’re in Nashville, so be bodacious,” he said. “Don’t leave without being audacious.” It was a fitting introduction to a packed house, since the theme of the event was fearlessly seeking business growth. GrowCo14’s roster … Continue reading The 2 Most Important Lessons from GrowCo14

Salaries and Secrecy

“Very few people like to talk about how much money they make — especially not people who earn a lot of money. Since companies tend to be run by people who earn a lot of money, the result is a culture of silence and secrecy when it comes to pay…” This excerpt comes from an … Continue reading Salaries and Secrecy

3 Lessons from Leadercast 2014

In the military, people are willing to sacrifice their lives for others to gain. On the contrary, in business, we reward people who sacrifice others, just for the sake of the numbers. This idea was brought up by Simon Sinek at the 2014 Leadercast, a one-day leadership event broadcasted to more than 800 host sites in … Continue reading 3 Lessons from Leadercast 2014

From Entitlement to Entanglement

Our millennial generation is teaching us that there is a better way for conducting business in this era. Authenticity is king and discretionary thinking with problem solving by all staff paramount. A command and control mode of operation is a dying tenant. Company growth continues as a vital trait but companies don’t have to be … Continue reading From Entitlement to Entanglement

Building Brands: Words Matter

Just because we can quickly Tweet or blog today, doesn’t mean that we should be less careful or less strategic about how we share our value. In 1999, Google did not have the worldwide brand recognition that it has today. “Google Search Engine” was the name it went by, and the explanation of its name on the … Continue reading Building Brands: Words Matter


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