March 2011

Seven Filters of Leadership

When all is said and done, the real crisis we face as a nation and business community comes down to a leadership dilemma. Anyone can be a leader. Often leaders are placed into positions for “time-in-grade”, sometimes by default to fill a critical vacancy timely, sometimes because the individual is in the right place at … Continue reading Seven Filters of Leadership

The True Safe Environment

When you think of a safe work environment most likely the first thing that comes to mind is “workplace safety”. Well, I want to talk about the real “elephant in the room” when it comes to a safe work environment. Do your employees feel they have a safe place to work in?

Are Sales People Still Needed?

Today’s Business Environment Requires a Different Approach in the Business-To-Business Market It is time to be honest and face some facts. Our current business environment is more transitional than economically depressed. Companies today are operating very lean prompted by the economy yet finding efficiencies worthwhile and within best practices. The first fact is this: decision-makers … Continue reading Are Sales People Still Needed?

In My Time Also

Our blog posts were never intended to be about me yet I feel compelled this week to look back more than 40 years. I have started reading the Biography of Dick Cheney (“In My Time” by Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney) and have come across a couple of striking parallels that kept me awake the … Continue reading In My Time Also

Going Virtual

Edoc Service, Inc. has been pioneering the virtual structure from day one now in our 14th year of business. Our initial premise involves “stay-at-home” workers serving the business community. As others hear about our structure their response is often, “this would not work at our company”. Well, there are exceptions and companies that simply cannot … Continue reading Going Virtual

Jigsaw Ethics

No one is more interested in current contact list opportunities than Edoc. Lead generation is an important aspect in helping our clients bridge the gap from sales expectations to sales results. Several years ago a friend called me after hearing a radio interview with Ben Golub the developer of Jigsaw an online contact database source … Continue reading Jigsaw Ethics

Business Barbarians

Anyone care to do business in China? Let me begin this with a section from the October 2011 Inc. Magazine article, “Doing Business in China” by David H. Freedman. Mr. Freedman witnessed a huge deal between an American Citizen Chinese businessman and Chinese officials. Here is the quote from the article:

Empowering the Empowered

As long as we are on the topic of teams and as an entrepreneur I find myself a team leader on several fronts. There is my company team of managers, the local Ethical Business Committee I chair, plus preside over a non-profit corporation. Most if not all entrepreneurs want winning teams and seek the best … Continue reading Empowering the Empowered

Why Should I Read a Book By a Convicted Lobbyist?

“Capitol Punishment” by Jack Abramoff is a worthwhile read for all business owners for several reasons: We all have a tendency to believe we are straight and narrow in our day to day business dealings. But what happens when the real success hits? I mean once we have really hit the big time with money … Continue reading Why Should I Read a Book By a Convicted Lobbyist?

Is Proactivity Too Much To Ask?

It takes a village to make a business run smoothly and the key players in that village are all clamoring for our business. We need bankers, we need IT support, we need help with accounting and taxes and we need resources to grow and service our clients. The problem is that once the engagement with … Continue reading Is Proactivity Too Much To Ask?


Has Leadership today changed?

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